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We are all - you, me, they - we are Ours, we are Family, We are Svoyi, every inhabitant of our street, city, State - are Our Sviy. I need to help to Svoyim!

Disaster has united us around the urgent needs of Chernihiv and has connected us to do more and more, therefore join to us and help to Svoyim.

Our mission

The purpose of this association is to find and to organize clearly communication between people. Those people who are looking for, buying, transporting and take the necessities.

Our results

$1 500 000+

Total amount of the transferred assistance

$40 000+

Direct money collected

26 000

People have an opportunity to get help


About NPO “Svoyim”

There are local volunteers among us, international logistics companies, businessmen, we managed to attract big international corporations to the movement “Svoyim”. But the one thing unites all of us in one way or another we are connected with Chernihiv.
Someone spent his childhood in our city and someone was born and lives in it all his life.
They are some who the only ones having visited the city left his heart in it, and there is the place for Svoyim.

We cooperate with:

  • Volunteers

    If you intend to make your contribution to the enemy directly physical notice, we will be in a hurry.

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    We provide specific business solutions to help companies support Ukraine with all reports and documents.

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    Any non-profit organization may join to the “Svoyim” for create fundraising page or with the help of our community.

  • Funds

    Thanks to our thorough validation process and a wide network of volunteers, we provide funds with the opportunity to provide assistance to local organizations.


What people say

Service picture

Vyiacheslav Chaus

The Head of Chernihiv RGA/RWA

“We have two kinds of people, who help our fast win. These are our Armed Forces of Ukraine, which defense our land and citizens against the enemy, and volunteers.
The powerful volunteer movement maintains people and the army.
We thank the International company Asbis, which together with NPSO “Svoyim”, have done all possible to refuse the level of humanitarian catastrophe in our city and region”.

When the small became Great!

You can take part in our projects by any convenient for you amount of money, because apart from the projects we always have a need for money for the fuel, for an accommodation to volunteers and others.

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